Bear Path Acres

Bear Path Acres is a small non-profit charitable animal welfare organization. They are supported entirely by donations, fundraising events, memberships, and sponsorship programs. A federal and state licensed zoological facility; Bear Path Acres provides animal welfare to over 100 species as well as public education to local school groups and the public. Working with a staff of 10-15 volunteers, The Park has a target audience of travelers and students. 

Bear Path Acres

Franklin, Virginia
The Challenge 

Bear Path Acres is located in a rural area and needed to execute a strong local branding and awareness campaign. As Bear Path Acres is a 501c3 non-profit; they rely entirely on the generosity of local citizens to support the over 200 animals currently residing in the refuge. Bear Path Acres required an updated online presence that would showcase over 100 different species of animals. Each showcase provides educational materials about that specific species including the care and feeding requirements. The website also needed to offer multiple methods for visitors to donate to the organization.

BPA houses up to 200 animals representing over 100 different species, from hissing cockroaches to lions, tigers, and bears.

The Solution 

After reviewing the clients' current online presence, including all directory listings and social media platforms. The first step was to create a consistent brand for all online materials. The Drupal CMS was used to develop multiple animal profiles including images, descriptions, behaviors, needs, and donation opportunities. The new website focuses on providing visitors with a bright, engaging, educational experience in animal husbandry and multiple methods for getting involved with the organization and the animals. Bear Path Acres web presence provides awareness, values, and a unique understanding of the animals and their natural environments.

The Results 

RAWR! The design-animals at InDigiMar chewed this one up! Web traffic increased from a mere 123 site hits to 6624 hits! That is a 5385.36% improvement! From Logo design to animal galleries and sponsorship pages, the old site was transformed into a wholly new and exciting user experience. The InDigiHeroes created several GoFundMe accounts, local fundraising events, increased volunteer opportunities and established relationships with multiple hunt clubs to assist in providing food for the animals at Bear Path Acres.

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