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Developing a Marketing Strategy for your Business

Starting a business is difficult if you don’t have a plan. The chances of being successful in that business diminish greatly if you don't have an continually update a plan. You not only need a business strategy plan but also a marketing strategy plan. A marketing plan pulls together all of your efforts to attract customers to your business. Your strategy should focus on your products and services meeting the needs of your customers and developing long-term relationships with those customers.

How to Create Remarkable Content

When creating content for your website it can be tough to write content that will engage your visitors and keep them coming back for more. If you can pique their interest enough, they should more easily convert into leads and then customers. So do you want to know how to create remarkable content?

The first step is to focus on your audience. Don’t focus on what you want to say but what your visitors want to hear. Decide what information is valuable to them and will address their wants and needs.

What is the difference between White Hat, Black Hat, Gray Hat SEO?

It is not a secret that there are many types of SEO out there for websites. White Hat SEO is considered the most ethical form of SEO. Black Hat SEO is considered spamming and can get you blacklisted from popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Gray hat SEO is somewhere in the middle, walking the line between white hat and black hat.

The primary goal of search engine optimization is to improve search engine result rankings following the guidelines provided by that search engine. These guidelines are often referred to algorithm updates in how website information is indexed and then classified.

Definitions of popular social media metrics

To understand social media metrics, it will probably help to start with some well-defined definitions. I know I struggled a bit with grasping what some of the modern metrics were getting at, so I hope it is helpful to see it all laid out here.

You Have Converted Your Visitors to Leads, Now What?

So you have been using inbound marketing to attract visitors, convert those visitors to leads, and now you need to convert to sales. Having many leads is wonderful but they do not mean income. You need sales to increase your income. It is time to focus on closing the sale. How do you do that? We are here to tell you!

Mobile Design or Responsive Design?

Are you considering a new website or redesigning a current site, but you keep hearing about responsive design and mobile design, and you are wondering what the difference is? Both types of design will optimize your site so that it will display correctly on a smaller screen and will also simplify navigation. They are very similar in functionality and design, but there are some distinct differences. Here is a list of some of those differences.

Increase website traffic with a few simple steps

Everyone wants his or her site to be successful. This requires an increase in website traffic, more visitors, more leads, more prospects and ultimately more customers. More customers mean more sales and more success.

So how do you drive more traffic to your site? Here are just a few strategies that will help you make your site more successful.

What really is a Leap Year?

What is a Leap Year?

A Leap Year is when one extra day is added to the month of February of our modern day Gregorian Calendar developed to coincide with the duration it takes the Earth to complete its orbit around our Sun.

Huh? Why?

Ok....  it takes the Earth around 365.242199 days to complete a circuit around the Sun or  scientifically dumbed down to 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds, otherwise known as a tropical year.

Why Your Facebook Fans Do Not See Your Posts

Facebook used to be a marketer's buffet. As many Facebook fans as your page could amass was as many fans as your page's content would reach. Not to mention when your content was shared, more people would be reached. Today, Facebook has changed. Now, your businesses posts reach as little as 2% of your followers. Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes only about 300 – one-fifth – of posts from your business. The brands that want to get noticed have to pay to play.

Give Things Away for Free to Get More Customers

A downloadable is something we marketers like to use to get leads for our business. A downloadable can be many things, from an e-book, a checklist, a template, and more. Downloadables are meant to give out solid information, at no cost, to people interested in using your solutions to solve a problem they have. Creating relevant content for customers to download for free is great not only for marketers but all types of businesses.


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