Ways to Research Your Buyer for Content

One of the most significant and most overlooked assets in marketing is your content. But not just any old content, it has to be fantastic content. Content that is tailored specifically to your perfect buyer which you will find by learning your buyer's persona. By working to understand your buyer's persona, your team can establish more of a targeted marketing plan for your product or brand by structuring your content to be more personal, and less based on demographics. Understanding your buyer is not rocket science. However, it does take some due diligence on your part. Here are some great ways to better research your buyer.

Start with the information you already have

colorful peopleStart by looking at your current customers. Information that you already possess will give you a good base platform for your buyer research. Things such as their current profession, search habits, basic information, and pain points will provide you with a good starting point. You can use this information to start building a profile. Once you have a baseline of information, you can continue to build on this profile to determine what content is the best for your buyer.


Keep surveys up to date

Take the SurveyMake sure web forms and email surveys are up to date and working properly. Check to make sure the current forms have questions which will help you to gather even more useful information; these specific types of questions could include things like the customer's job title, goals, challenges, company size, and more personal demographics such as age, income, gender, and marital status. Add this information to the baseline you have started and continue building your profile.

Understand who your buyers really are

Look at your buyer's characteristics. In order to understand whom you are marketing to, you must understand their specific behaviors. Who is it that is buying your product? Where do they come from? How do they communicate? You need to understand not only what type of person they are and where they come from, but also the best ways to get your message to them. You can use tracking information from your social sites and website to help determine the best way to deliver your content to them.

Track where it all goes

Tracking the performance of your content can help to show you how your buyers communicate. Start documenting your pageviews, downloads, page visits and shares on social media. Take into consideration how often your website visitors request a quote or opt into a list. By doing this, you get a better idea of what your target buyer is looking for and where they go to get the information. This will be useful information to have when it comes to deciding how to distribute your content.

Your competition can actually help- not hurt.

Another great way to obtain information on your buyers is to study your competitors. Depending on what type of industry you are in, many companies publish case studies they have done on their own. These can also provide a valuable source of information. The best part? Your competitors have done a lot of the hard part for you!

By compiling and analyzing all this data, you can use it to build the perfect content for your buyer. Without taking the time to gather the information, research it, and document it; you are losing out on valuable information that can lead to better revenue generation. Remember, the more you know about your buyer's needs, the better you can tailor your marketing toward them. Doing so means you will have the ability to reach the buyers that are most likely to buy your product or service.

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