Mobile Design or Responsive Design?

Are you considering a new website or redesigning a current site, but you keep hearing about responsive design and mobile design, and you are wondering what the difference is? Both types of design will optimize your site so that it will display correctly on a smaller screen and will also simplify navigation. They are very similar in functionality and design, but there are some distinct differences. Here is a list of some of those differences.

Site Rendering: A mobile site is a copy of your site where the changes for the site to display correctly on mobile devices are completed on the server. A responsive design allows the device to adjust the site as needed based on the screens size, tablet, phablet or phone.

Domain Protection: A mobile site uses different domains such as "" and responsive design uses the original domain.

Prepared for the future: A mobile site design may need to be reworked to keep up with the different mobile devices that will emerge down the road. Responsive Design is created to work with new and yet to be developed devices and should not need to be reprogrammed to keep up with the times.

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