How to Set Marketing Goals That are Achievable

 A company’s marketing is the key to its success, and without specific and realistic marketing goals you lose the ability to create a solid marketing plan. Since 2018 is here, it is time to really focus on your projects in order to finalize your marketing goals. To help you do this, we have come up with the best ways to set marketing goals that are achievable for your 2018 marketing plan.

The first thing you should do is to sit down and assess your company’s current position. helps you to see where coming from, you do not set unattainable goals. you would want to set goals that help you get your products out and to establish your company’s reputation. If you are an established company, you would want to focus on other goals such as increasing your audience reach.

Envision what you want to accomplish for the year and make sure you have a clear and concise vision of your goal. Set your goal using as much detail as possible and then establish your timeline to accomplish .

3Be honest with yourself about the kind of goals you want to set. Don’t set a goal that you genuinely don’t care if you make or not; set a goal that is important to you and your company.

4Make sure that your goals are measurable. Meaning you want to be able to track your progress as you go. you have no way to know if your strategy is working or not.

Understand that your marketing strategy may need to change during the not a bad thing. Your measures may change as the year goes and you may need to change certain aspects of your marketing strategy to help you reach your goals.

Make sure that your goals are realistic. Setting unrealistic marketing goals will only hinder your success. For example, if your current marketing reach is eight to ten percent every other month, then a realistic goal would be an increase of twelve to fourteen percent. Some companies try to set astronomical such as a twenty-percent increase, which while this type goal could still be attainable, it is most likely unrealistic.

Set realistic time frames for your goals. Set a date and stick to it. Not only will this motivate you to push towards your goals, but it will help you stay on track to achieve your end game. For example, some companies choose to set quarterly goals where other companies may to

8Moreover, set weekly meetings in order to assess where you are in reaching your goals and to ensure that everyone is on the same page. If you are ahead of schedule, make sure everyone remains focused as you move forward. If you are behind schedule, then decide what needs to be changed to put you back on target.


The most important thing in marketing is to stay focused. Don’t set too many goals and spread yourself too thin. Place your focus on the core goals that affect your primary business objectives and do not let other, smaller goals change your direction. Also keep in mind that even with these techniques, you may not reach your marketing goal and while that is a bummer, you will have still learned as much as you can about what works and what doesn’t along the way. Using what you learned, even from a failed goal, is equally as valuable in helping you to set a new, more attainable goal.






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