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It is the time of year for all things bone-chilling and terrifying. Zombies, werewolves, dolls that come to life, and skeletons run rampant all over the place. However, even with all the scary things floating around this Halloween season, for some, digital marketing can be even more terrifying. But, don’t let it send you running in fright. Haunted houses are supposed to be scary; your digital marketing, however, isn’t. So, for Halloween here are thirteen tips to make all your fears disappear. 

1. Don’t be Scared to Put Your Business Online 

It can be scary trekking out into the digital world. However, remember that most people nowadays find everything, from coffee shops to doctor’s offices, online. Phone books are a thing of the past now that people can look up almost any business with a swipe of their finger and quickly find reviews, directions, and other information within seconds. The odds are pretty against you that if you don’t have an online presence, your business will be tossed to the wayside. Don’t miss out on potential sales because you’re not giving your business an online presence. 

2. Don’t be Afraid to Stand Out

Marketing is about finding your voice. If you sound like every other company within your niche then you likely will get passed over. Don’t be scared to be different; test out different ideas and see which one works for you. It is all about finding what makes you stand out from the rest. 

3. It’s all About Them

Marketing is all about the consumer. It’s about figuring out their needs, showing them a solution to their problem, and then showing them why they need it. If a consumer sees me, me, me all over your website and social media, it will turn them off of your company and onto somewhere else.

4. Visuals Go Along Way

People love photos, memes, graphics, and videos. You don’t have to go overboard, but make sure that you include several within your blogs, social media posts, and other marketing avenues.

5. Invest in Your Marketing. 

All companies know that without a marketing budget they do not stand a chance with the competition. While you may feel spending money on digital marketing is too expensive, it is costlier to miss out on opportunities because you weren’t positioned correctly among your competition.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask for Help

If you have not yet designed your digital marketing strategy and just can’t figure out where to start, contact a social media company and talk to them. Most digital marketing companies have a marketing in a box package that can be tailored to fit your needs. 

7. Don’t Panic Over Social Media

With all the platforms available it is hard to know which ones will work. Start by looking at other companies or blogs like yours and see what type of social media they use and start there. Don’t feel like you must use them all, find a few for your niche and start with those.

8. Change Should Not Scare You 

 If you have not updated your website and marketing content in five years or more, now is the time to do so. Take the time to revamp your brand. Bring your website and blog up to speed with the current trends and make sure you are on track with your competition. 

9. Don’t Be Afraid of Your Blog Sucking the Life Out of You

While blogs can also be a lot of work, it is an excellent way to position yourself as a leader in your industry. You can publish a blog once a week on topics relevant to your industry such as products and services, and tips and tricks and schedule them out in advance to help cut back on the time you spend on it.  

10. Make Sure Your Content Can Be Shared Easily

By making sure your audience can easily share what they see on your website and social media accounts you almost guarantee more exposure for your business. Nobody will hunt to find how to share them, if it’s not easy, they will move on. 

11.Screenshots are Not Your Friend

Before you choose to respond on social media, stop and think about what needs to be said. Then think about it again. With screenshots so easy to take on your mobile devices, taking something back once it has been written is no longer an option. Always remember to respond with patience and politeness while offering a solution to their complaint.

12. Set Up Alerts for when your Brand is Mentioned on Social Media Platforms

 By doing this, it allows you to monitor for negative or positive comments, allowing you to respond accordingly. Remember to respond and interact with your followers in a timely manner. It’s just as bad as not interacting with them if you leave them hanging for days on end.

13. Remember the 80/20 Rule

Nobody wants to have their newsfeeds flooded with sales ads, so, when your posting on social media, remember 80% of the time to post valuable and engaging content, and the other 20% can be used to promote your business.

Amber Williams

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For over 20 years, the team at InDigiMar, Inc. have been helping Hampton Roads businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and institutions of higher learning create successful marketing campaigns that reach their targeted audiences. IDM offers a full spectrum of digital marketing solutions including online inbound marketing, business strategy, website design and development, content generation, and more.

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