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It’s one of, if not the busiest time of the year for retailers. For many businesses, the November and December holidays are used to make much-needed end of the year revenue. While retailers are busy putting out holiday inventory on the shelves and adding products to their websites and social media platforms; they are also hiring seasonal help to assist the added influx of holiday shoppers. With all this going on it can be easy to let the digital marketing aspect slip your mind. We know that as a business owner you want to ensure your company has a strong holiday season, so it is time to look at your digital marketing musts for the holidays.

Design a Special Holiday Logo

Start by designing a unique and festive logo that is strategically placed on your website and social media. Adding the new logo is a great way to show the holiday spirit, and show off your brand. It does not have to be anything over the top. You may even use something as simple as a few ornaments or other festive symbols with your brand names off to the other side.  Remember, you do not want to stray from your identity so much as just modifying it for the season.  

Holiday Gift Guides

Creating holiday gift guides is a great way to get your sales and products out on multiple platforms. By creating these helpful guides with a well-designed infographic, you help consumers that never know what to buy to know what want to buy for their loved one. When we say for all we mean literally, for all. Guides such as the Top 10 Gifts for Women, Top 5 Gifts for Men, and The Ultimate Gift Guide are great ways to get your merchandise out in a fun and useful way. Once you have created your guides, focus on where you will place them. Pinterest is a fantastic site to add your guides to as more and more people have started looking for holiday gift inspiration there.

Website Updates

Remember as a retailer, that while you are gearing up for massive store traffic, you will also want to take into consideration the added web traffic that will be coming to your website. First and foremost, check that your site can handle the extra traffic. If it cannot, you will need to update your site accordingly. You will also want to make sure your website is mobile friendly since most people shop on a mobile device during the holiday season.The last thing you want is to miss out on a sale because your site is not optimized correctly.

Once you have done those things, start updating your inventory and hours of operation for the season on your website. Another thing to consider adding to your site is a holiday counter. These can add a sense of urgency to your buyers by reminding them how many days left until the holiday has arrived. However, if a counter is not your thing, you can also add simple festive elements to the design of your web pages such as wreaths or virtual lights.

Social Media

Update your headers on all social media accounts by adding a festively themed banner. It can be something as simple as a call to action such as visit the store or go to this website, or it could be a simple happy holidays message. Consider holding social media contests that encourage sharing of your holiday posts and lots of engagement from your followers. During the holidays is the time of year to give back, so to encourage your followers to get involved find smaller items, or even a couple of more substantial items, that you can use for the promotion.

The use of holiday-themed images can be another fun way to make your social media presence pop. By posting photos that are visually appealing such as items with bows or even holiday outfits, you send a cheerful holiday message that will attract more customers. Remember the holiday season can be a very stressful time, so make sure to send out positive messages across your social media channels to promote good vibes.


Create countdown emails that come out weekly. Along with your promoted products, add fun and festive content such as tips for the holidays, fun facts, recipes, and other useful holiday and brand relevant information. While the weekly emails are an excellent way to stay out in front of your target audience, you should also consider using emails that remind shoppers that might have considered buying a product, but at the last minute abandoned the cart items for whatever reason, to return to purchase the item. You can do this by sending reminder emails with incentives such as free shipping, or a special discount, to get them to come back and make the purchase.

Be Strategic

Don’t waste marketing funds buying ads that aren’t directed at the correct audience. Decide who your target audience will be and point your marketing efforts at that demographic. You want to create gift guides, social media content and blog posts that cater to that specific audience and will help to drive them toward your site. If you have campaign data from the past year, use that to help you select your audience.


Don't forget about your blog during the holidays. If your business does not yet have one, consider taking the time to set one up. Blogs are a great way to get anything from fun and useful content, to information on your products out in an easy-going fashion. You can write about almost anything on your blog, just remember to make sure it is useful to your readers. For example, if you own a clothing business you could write a blog about what outfits go together for the holidays. Alternatively, you could write how to accessorize your outfits for the holidays. The possibilities are endless, so get creative and have some fun with it.

Change Your SEO

Do your homework to make sure you are using the hottest keywords for this year. By doing a keyword search to determine which ones are best and then incorporating them into your marketing strategy by adding those words to your social media posts, website, blog posts, and product descriptions, you help to drive traffic to your site instead of getting passed up for not using the current popular keywords.

Paid Search Campaigns

Even if you are a smaller business, the best time to buy adds is during the holiday season is when shoppers are continuously looking for the best deals and comparing products through search engines. With a tremendous boost on searches during this time of year, you want to create a seasonal campaign that helps you to stand out from the rest. Create impressive campaigns by adding some holiday keywords, creative product descriptions, and unique landing pages to entice shoppers to head your way.

Don’t Forget to Plan Ahead

Holiday marketing planning is essential to your business success. Remember that while you are finishing up this year's plan, you will still need to start preparing for the 2018 season. Be sure to keep up with all of your online efforts and data to help you set your goals for the following year. A strong long-term marketing plan can help to ensure your company’s digital marketing success for years to come.


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