Black Friday & Cyber Monday ... is your business ready?

Some people save up all year in order to have money for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. For them, these two days of the year have the best deals on everything they could possibly need for the upcoming holidays; or even something just for themselves. These are the shoppers that are real bargain hunters. The shoppers who hope to find the expensive items at a fraction of the cost. For this reason, it is essential for a business to make sure that when these two shopping days roll around, their marketing efforts are out in front of consumers showing them what deals those businesses have to offer.

We get it. You have been very busy getting ready for the holidays. Along with the holiday inventory coming in, the upcoming surplus of customers and ensuring you have enough employees is the top concern for your business. So the two major shopping days of the season, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, may have slipped your mind. If they have, don’t worry. We have the perfect last-minute digital marketing ideas to get the word out before those days are upon you.

Email An Offer They Cannot Refuse

Not only do you want to send out an email with your best sales and deals, but you want to send it out multiple times throughout the week. Design several emails with offers they cannot refuse such as free shipping or a forty percent off coupon, and start sending them out the week before Black Friday. Not only will this help the planners decide where they will be shopping when the day comes, but by starting early, you can beat the inevitable flood of emails into their inbox. When the day arrives, don’t forget to send out one last email with offers for the last minute shoppers.

Social Media For The Ads

Take a moment to create new headers with advertisements for your social media sites. Schedule promotional ads in posts, tweets, and other social media platforms to go out multiple times starting the week of Thanksgiving. In the oncoming week before black Friday shoppers will be searching the internet for deals. If you can afford it, this is the time to buy ads. By buying ads on social media sites, you ensure that your promotions will get out in front of shoppers when they search for keywords such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals.

Create A Special Campaign Just For The Occasion

Design a unique Black Friday and Cyber Monday design and use them to run different promotions on different pages of your website. Some ideas could include a buy one get one half off coupon on one advertisement and then add free shipping on another. You could also offer a discount if the consumer signs up for your email list or follows you on social media. Think about what other retailers will be offering during these sales and then look at different ways you can attract customers. For example, while most retailers are offering huge discounts, you could offer free shipping without a certain spending level to get it.

Website PopUps

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a great time to add in some special popups to your website. Competition is fierce during these days, and you want to make sure to catch the shoppers attention any way possible. Are you are worried about shoppers leaving your website too soon? Then consider an exit offer before they can click off. This pop-up can be used to offer one last deal or discount; You can also add a pop up showing last-minute add-on items when they go to their cart to check out.


While all these last minute digital marketing ideas will definitely help you get the word out, it is also imperative to know how your campaigns are doing. Don’t forget to track and document what worked and what didn’t this year so you will have the information to plan your marketing strategy for next year. 





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