10 Marketing Trends to Act on in 2018

As 2017 comes to an end, businesses are getting in gear for their 2018 marketing; which means it is time to discuss marketing trends to act on for 2018. While there are several, deciding which ones to jump on board with may be an issue. So here are the ten marketing trends to consider focusing on for 2018.

Live Streaming

When it comes to social media marketing, video streaming continues to be a top way to reach customers. In 2017 video streaming made up 75% of all internet traffic and that number is projected to be even higher in 2018. Viewers tend to watch live streams drastically longer than prerecorded videos, and now that social media platforms have started realizing this, you can expect for the more prominent platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat to begin working to improve their feed quality and video streaming features.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Using predictive lead scoring, marketers can predict which prospects are most likely to become customers by using the email address and web tools that allow them to identify buying signals. Once marketers have assessed the buying signals, only the most qualified leads are sent up the chain. The last of 2017 has shown more of these tactics being used, and it will only be used more as we roll into 2018.

Account Based Marketing

We all know that what you search on Google tends to show up as an ad later on your Facebook, and other social media accounts. This type of marketing is known as account-based marketing and is structured in a way that uses a defined set of targeted accounts within specific markets and uses those reports to make personalized ads sent directly towards that account that are meant to resonate with the account holder.

Voice Optimization

Just like websites have had to optimize their sites for web 2.0 in the recent years, soon they will need to optimize for voice optimization. In 2017 20% of searches were done by voice search, and that number is only expected to go up going forward into 2018.

Protecting your Personal Information

2017 has seen more security breaches than ever within even the most secure sites. With that, companies in 2018 promise to up their game to bring a whole new security guarantee within corporations. These security features are not only geared towards businesses, but this also seeks to include even more efficient security for consumers as well. Expect to see these new features becoming a regular part of social media and other web platforms

Instagram Beats Out Facebook

During 2017 the world of social media has watched Instagram surpass Facebook when it comes to businesses. Instagram recently announced that almost eight-hundred million people are now using this platform each month. However, Instagram was not ready to stop there. Towards the end of 2017 Instagram released its newest addition to its platform by starting Instagram stories. These short video clips allow the user to add in the video to their profiles and are becoming even more popular than SnapChat.

Brands are started seeing better engagement and following on Instagram as opposed to Facebook, who has steadily become more expensive by the year and is now holding back company pages unless you pay a fee to promote the page. With that and Instagram’s advertising controls, it has poised itself to be the go-to platform in 2018 for social media marketing.

Live Meetups Will Be a Thing Again

More and more companies realize that by not hosting live events once or twice a year they are losing out on valuable exposure. Travel groups are an excellent example of businesses hosting live events to gain exposure. By hosting these events and giving their customers and followers a way to meet in person and share experiences and stories, all while checking in on their social media accounts, they gain far more exposure and social media presence than they would be able to establish on their own. That being said, 2018 should show an uptick in live events hosted by companies in an effort to bring more brand awareness and interaction.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a non-evasive and versatile campaign style marketing strategy that has been slowing gaining traction since 2013. Influence marketing is a tactic used that focuses on people that have influence within a community instead of focusing on a market as a whole. While there has been a slow uptick in this style of marketing, towards the end of 2017, its use boasted a massive boost in interest. While this is most likely because it can be used across any type of business, that does not mean you shouldn't consider adding to your marketing strategy for 2018.

Brand Blogs

Companies are gravitating towards their own blogs in an effort to take control of their content. We should see more topics on the rise within these blogs such as company updates, customer stories, and featured guest posts. All blogs will be located on the company’s website allowing for more customer reach and interaction directly with the company instead of a third party.

Artificial Intelligence

As Ai becomes more intelligent than ever, companies are using it to interact with businesses on a whole new level by using Ai for more personalized interaction with consumers based on the customer's persona. Ai is being seen my marketing teams as a more efficient way to sort through and analyze more data. Doing so helps marketing teams to develop a more personalized marketing tactics even though artificial intelligence is a more costly way to market. Marketing agencies are predicting as Ai gets more intelligent the use and demand for it will also rise causing us to see a lot more of it over the next couple years.

With all the new trends in marketing, 2018 is gearing up for an auspicious year for business marketers. Which trends do you think you will use for your business? 






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